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"Resolute Training are an  ICM Quality Awarded Company that specialise in training personnel from all sectors in personal safety skills and techniques that are effective, reliable and appropriate to their setting"


Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict resolution

Educational Establishment

Self Protection Training

Self Protection Training

Control and Restraint Training

Resolute Training Ltd is a specialist provider of bespoke safety training at affordable costs. We will prepare your course to answer the issues you have. We do not deal in off the shelf packages that leave you with unanswered questions.


We deal with a wide spectrum of sectors that have to deal with all aspects of aggression and violence as part of their working environment.


Our customer base includes all of the following:

Health care providers (both NHS & Private), Social Care, Education, Community Wardens, Community workers, TV Companies, Museums, Security Organisations, Football Clubs, Retail Companies, Private Companies, Charity Organisations.


Resolute will carry out all training at your own location or a location of your choice, we are a nationwide company with contracts covering the whole of the UK, we understand how much easier it is for you to get your staff to one of your own locations.


We will not charge extra for instructor expenses, travelling time, accommodation etc. We will give you a cost for the course and that is the cost that you will pay.


Resolute's Director of Training has been involved for over 20 years instructing personal safety techniques to all sectors and believes strongly that all Resolute's instructors must have had practical experience in the subjects that they instruct on, we do not believe in the "read the book watched the video" type of instructor that many organisations use.


All Resolute's instructors regularly undergo assessments to ensure the quality of the training being offered. All techniques that Resolute instructs on are regularly pressure tested, so you leave a Resolute course with 100% confidence in the skills that you have learnt. Anyone can make a technique work in the classroom; we make sure that our techniques work in real life situations.


Resolute understands that employers are concerned about their health & Safety duty of care for their employees, Resolute can give you the answers to those concerns.


We cover all aspects of bespoke safety training including: Conflict Resolution Training, Breakaway Training, C&R Training, Safe Holding (restraint), Restraint Training, Self Protection Training, Weapon Awareness & Education Search Training and Lone Worker Training.