Control & Restraint (sector specific)



Resolute Specialise in training personnel C&R Techniques that are appropriate to their setting.


This course has been utilised by the following sectors to name just a few:


  • Healthcare Security Staff
  • Education Security Staff
  • Enforcement Officers
  • Specialist Healthcare Staff
  • CPO’s


This course as with all Resolute Training packages is a bespoke course and can be presented to offer answers to your individual issues. The first thing we will do is discuss with you exactly what your staff need, so you can be sure that the techniques instructed are exactly what you require.


Because we carry out such rigorous pressure testing on all techniques that we instruct on for effectiveness, safety and ease of use and because we have experience of teaching physical intervention skills for over 20 years you can be sure of the quality of training your staff will receive.


All techniques instructed on will be put into the context of the sector you have staff employed in, this is most important when you consider the different reasons for the use of C&R Techniques.


Resolute is proud to say they can accommodate any sector, and prepare the necessary training that is required. The following are some of the subjects that will make up a C&R course.

  • Introduction to C&R and Restraint.
  • Legal guidelines for use of C&R and restraint (incl. SOCAP & ECHR).
  • Body Positioning.
  • Risk Assessments – What are the dangers of using C&R and how to control and avoid these (e.g. Postural Asphyxia).
  • Full hierarchy of C&R techniques Incl. Safe Holding Restraints as required.
  • Working in teams (depending on sector issues, teams of 2, 4 & 6 as required).
  • Organising Physical intervention.
  • Prone and Supine Restraint (carried out safely).
  • Moving the restrained individual.
  • Breakaway Techniques. (Defence against weapons only taught on advanced courses or as a stand alone day)