lone worker
lone worker

Lone Worker


Resolute Specialise in training personnel Lone Worker safety that is appropriate to their setting.


This course has been utilised by the following sectors to name just a few:


  • Healthcare
  • Council Employees – Including Enforcement Officers
  • Social Care staff
  • Charity Workers
  • Higher Education teaching staff & Education Security Staff


Lone Worker course are individually prepared to answer the issues of any company or organisation that has personnel working on their own. As an employer you have a health and safety duty of care towards your employees. If you have employees who go out into the community on their own they should receive “Lone Worker” training as the very basis of their health and safety needs.


The following are just some of the subjects that can make up a Lone Worker course depending on the needs of the sector commissioning the course.


  • Safety on the street.
  • Safety in a building.
  • Safety in Public Areas.
  • Home Visits.
  • Vehicle Drills.
  • Physical signs of a potential aggressor.
  • Physical Breakaway or self protection skills can be added on as required.


Throughout the course we encourage all students to ask questions of the instructors about any situations they require answers for or any issues that they have concerns about. This course is very student orientated.