About Us

Resolute Training's big advantage over other personal safety training companies is its ability to produce bespoke courses for all sectors whose personnel have to deal with aggression and violence as part of their working environment.

Resolute was formed because we had a vision that personnel at risk from aggression and violence in every sector should be able to receive personal safety training that really does work. Training that has been tried and tested by us in real time situations. Training that is presented by instructors who have a real working knowledge of the techniques and understand the different issues both practical and moral that affect different sectors. We have spent years looking into the individual issues of all sectors and the answers to those issues.

"We know that not every question has the same answer. But when you commission Resolute we will find the answer that is appropriate to you"

All of Resolute's instructors from the Directors down have all specialised in instructing personal safety techniques over many years and have instructed in all sectors.

Resolute Training has become a success because it sticks to its founding principles:


It's the customer's course. We will always produce a bespoke course to answer your issues.


We will always produce quality, cost effective training.


We will always produce training that is appropriate to your sector setting.


We will only employ instructors who have had practical experience of the subjects they are going to instruct on.


All instructors have to complete the Resolute induction course regardless of past experience.


We will travel anywhere to present your course.


We will give you a complete cost for your course with no hidden extras for instructors expenses, travelling, accommodation etc.


 We will continually pressure test all techniques we instruct on, so all of our students can be 100% confident in the skills they have learnt.


We will continually strive to increase the quality of all aspects of the company and as our continued pledge to this we are proud holders of theICM Quality Award Centre Status.


We will always offer the highest quality training because we will

"Always go a little further"