Education establishment search training & Weapon Awareness


This specialist training package give education staff the knowledge and skills to carry out scanning & searches for the safety of everyone.


This course has been prepared to help educational staff affected by the following acts:


Under the Education & Inspections Act 2006 from 1st April 2007 members of school staff are given an explicit power to use reasonable force to restrain students to prevent injury to others or damage of property.


From 31st May 2007 colleges are given powers by the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 (sections 45 & 46 respectively, section 46 inserting a new section 85B to the Further & Higher Education Act 1992) The powers are to screen students even without suspicion and without their consent and to search students for weapons with reasonable grounds for suspicion without their consent.


Education Act 2011 – other items that can be searched for.


This course as with all Resolute Training courses is a bespoke package and can be designed and presented depending on your establishment’s policy.


The course is generally made up of any or all of the following:


  • Legalities of carrying our scanning & searches, both with and without consent.
  • Search Training - including the use of screening systems and HHMD (hand held metal detectors)
  • Weapons Awareness – Types of weapons, methods of concealment.


Any of the physical intervention packages can be added to this course if required.