limb restraints
limb restraints

Safe Holding (Restraint) Techniques


Resolute Specialise in training personnel Techniques that are appropriate to their setting.


This course has been utilised by the following sectors:


  • Healthcare – Care Providers.
  • Social Care agencies.
  • Education Staff.


This course is designed for staff employed in sectors were C&R techniques are not always appropriate, where staff still face physical aggression or self harming situations where they need to control the patient / resident / service user for their own safety and well being, as well as their own and other staffs safety. Because we carry out such rigorous pressure testing on all techniques that we instruct on for effectiveness, safety and ease of use by anyone of any age and regardless of fitness level you can be confident of the quality of training your staff will receive. We put all techniques into the context of the sector you have staff employed in. Because the course is a bespoke package it can be prepared to contain a “Conflict Resolution” section. The course can be presented over a 2 – 4 day period depending on level and sector requirements.


The following is an outline of the subjects that will make up a “Safe Holding” course.


  • Safest soft restraint techniques. (No joint holds).
  • Individual restraints.
  • Team restraints. (Teams of 2, 3, 4 & 5 as required).
  • Safety issues (including postural asphyxia).
  • Controlling the restraint.
  • Finishing the restraint.
  • Ethical & Legal issues involved with using restraint. (Incl. ECHR).
  • Risk assessments (if required).
  • Reporting (if required).
  • Breakaway Techniques.



Throughout the course we encourage all students to ask questions of the instructors about any situations they require answers for or any issues that they have concerns about. This course is very student orientated.