Handcuff Training (metal cuffs & Plastic cuffs)
Handcuff Training (metal cuffs & Plastic cuffs)

Handcuff Training (metal cuffs & Plastic cuffs)


Resolute Specialise in training personnel in tactics and techniques that are required for their setting.


This bespoke package has been utilised by the following sectors:


  • Healthcare Security Staff.
  • Security Staff.
  • CPO’s / RST’s.


This course is designed as the next level following C&R Training for operators that may need the back up of mechanical restraints in their working environment. As with all Resolute courses it is a bespoke course and can be presented to offer answers to your individual issues. The first thing we will do is discuss with you exactly what your operators require, so you can be sure that the techniques instructed are exactly what you are looking for.


All techniques instructed on will be put into the context of the sector you have operators employed in, this is most important when you consider the reasons for using handcuffs / plastic cuffs.


This course can also contain training on “Velcro Leg” strap restraints and “Soft Cuffs” as required.


Resolute is proud to say they can accommodate any sector, and prepare the necessary training that is required.


All Resolute handcuff instructors are accredited with the National Federation of Personal Safety for handcuff training.


The following are some of the subjects that will make up a handcuffing course.


  • Legal use of force. (S.O.C.A.P).
  • When is it justifiable to use handcuffs / plastic restraints?
  • The Human Rights Act.
  • Medical implications of using handcuffs.
  • Section 3 Criminal Law Act 1967.
  • Handcuffing Principles.
  • Practical use of Handcuffs / Plastic cuffs.
  • Practical use of Velcro strap restraints and soft cuffs as required.