Breakaway Techniques Training
Breakaway Techniques Training

Breakaway Techniques Training (bespoke sector specific package)


Resolute Specialise in training personnel Breakaway Techniques that are effective & appropriate to their setting.


Bespoke courses have been utilised by the following sectors to name just a few:


  • Healthcare (both NHS & Private healthcare Nursing Staff).
  • Residential Care staff.
  • Higher Education teaching staff & Education Security Staff.
  • Community Safety Wardens.
  • Enforcement Officers.
  • Probation Staff.
  • Housing Association employees.
  • Council employees.


Because we carry out such rigorous pressure testing on all techniques that we instruct on for effectiveness, safety and ease of use by anyone of any age and regardless of fitness level you can be confident of the quality of training your staff will receive. We put all techniques into the context of the sector you have staff employed in.


The following are some of the subjects that will make up a Breakaway course.


  • Body Positioning – defensive posture, where possible we instruct on how to avoid the situation.
  • Defence against or breakaways from strikes – Punches, Kicks, Head butts, Bites.


Breakaways from the following types of holds from the front, side and rear of the body:-


  • Front – hair pulls, strangles, clothing holds, wrist grabs, body holds.
  • Side – hair pulls, strangles.
  • Rear – hair pulls, strangles, body holds.
  • Holds against walls, on the floor, over desks etc.
  • Defence against weapons taught on more advanced courses or as a stand alone day (were it is deemed necessary by the training commissioner)