Self Protection Training
Self Protection Training

Self Protection


Be Prepared don’t be a Victim.


Parts of this course have been utilised by the following sectors to name just a few in the UK and Worldwide:


  • Private Groups / organisations
  • Community Groups
  • Companies whose workforce have to travel to areas as lone workers
  • Private Individuals
  • Gap Year Students & Travellers


This course is not to be confused with work related Breakaway Techniques. This course is designed to enable the individual to pre-empt were possible and to escape when it’s not from a full on street attack situation, whether this be a violent robbery or any other form of attack on an individual.


We will instruct you on techniques that will work and not just look good in the classroom. We carry out regular pressure testing on all the techniques we instruct on so you can be sure that they are fully effective.


We believe that “Personal Protection” is not only about a set of techniques but also about your own personal mind set and having confidence in your own ability to make the techniques work for you, this course will give you that. This package is made up of the theoretical knowledge to cover various forms of attack as well as the physical protection techniques.


All techniques on this course can be used by anyone of any age or fitness level.


A weapon defence day is offered as a stand alone day or can be added on to the above course.


Throughout the course we encourage all students to ask questions of the instructor’s about any situations they require answers for or any issues that they have concerns about. This course is very student centred.


Some of the attacks that can be covered:


  • Hair Pulls / grabs.
  • Strangle Holds.
  • Clothing / Body holds.
  • Holds against walls.
  • Holds on the floor.
  • Strikes.