Conflict resolution
Conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution

This Conflict Resolution Training Course is a must for any employee who has to deal with Aggression & Violent Behaviour.


This course is a bespoke package and would be prepared and presented to answer your exact issues. It can be presented as a precursor to other training packages including - Lone Worker, personal protection, breakaway techniques training and C&R packages.


This course is a must for any front line staff that are employed in situations that are stressful and can lead to aggression and even violence. We believe that a lot of aggressive & violent situations can be prevented, avoided or stopped more quickly by personnel that have effective conflict resolution training and physical intervention training.


This course has been utilised by the following sectors to name a few:

  • Healthcare – Meets the requirements of the NHS CFSMS National Syllabus. (NHS Protect Syllabus).
  • Council Healthcare workers.
  • Residential care staff.
  • Council Enforcement Officers.
  • General council employees.
  • Housing Association employees.
  • Education – HE Staff.


The following are some of the subjects that will make up the conflict resolution training course.


A – Introduction.

  • Introduction to Conflict Resolution – What is aggression and violence?
  • Importance of managing conflict, violence & aggression.
  • Definitions of violence & aggression – different types of V&A.
  • The importance of reporting procedures.
  • Risk assessments – planned and dynamic.


B – Theory of personal safety & de-escalation.

  • Environmental issues.
  • Trigger factors – how behavior escalates in to Violence.
  • Communications skills – verbal & non-verbal.
  • De-escalation Techniques.
  • Legal issues – legal definition of the term assault, legalities of personal protection.
  • Post incident de-brief.